How poetry has helped parents through lockdown

Illustration by Silvia Letter

I recently wrote a piece for the wonderful Popshot Magazine about 'How poetry has helped parents through lockdown'. 

Here's a little excerpt and head over the Popshot Journal to read the article in full.

There’s a little spot in the kitchen, where I often find myself. Sandwiched between the breakfast bar and the stovetop—it’s a tiny space, truly uncomfortable but standing there means a pause for me. It’s a sanctuary, where I am hidden from my children, the constant chatter of Zoom calls and the non-stop demands for the next snack that have become an everyday soundtrack to these long days. It’s in this little square, where I sneak moments to write poetry. I stand typing furiously into the Notes app on my phone, trying to unpick the pain, to process the trauma and still the swirling thoughts. A pause placed between the piles of dirty dishes and the shelves lined with unfulfilled wishes, a chance to immerse myself in the act of noticing and make sense of this all. Sometimes, I share these thoughts online and at other times, they remain stored in a note on my phone, another little time capsule of a moment in the pandemic ...

From the recent publication of Ana Sampson’s beautiful anthology, Night Feeds and Morning Songs, to the blossoming online communities of The Mum Poet Club and the Blood Moon Journal, the chorus of mothers roaring through rhymes and making sense of the world through the poetic form is growing louder and louder.

Beautiful Illustration by Silvia Letter.

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