'Why Mums are amazing' a brand new poetry zine by The Mum Poem Press

Why Mums are Amazing Poetry Zine by The Mum Poem Press

I’m over the moon that one of my poems was picked to feature in this beautiful poetry zine edited by the utterly amazing, award-winning poet Hollie McNish and published by The Mum Poet Press

Entitled ‘Why Mums are Amazing’ it's a collection of fourteen poems each accompanied by a delightful and unique illustration. It is a perfect gift to celebrate motherhood and all the mother figures in one's life and preorders are now open.

Priced at £8 per copy, there is a built in ‘Pay It Forward’ so that a number of free copies are available to anyone who can’t afford a copy. Any profits made will be donated to the charity Pregnant Then Screwed, which exists to end the motherhood penalty.


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