A couple of works in progress...


Rainbows in washing lines

From childhood friendships to the excitement of blossoming romances; from the loneliness of life today to the seemingly banal yet joy-filled moments, from the hollow depths of grief to the peace that comes with closure; Rainbows in washing lines is a short collection of poems about the of the joy, the pain and the beauty of the everyday extraordinary ordinary.


When Swallows Return

When Swallows Return explores my journey to find a sense of home as I return to Cornwall and find myself living in a remote and ancient building with its own tale to tell. As I delve into the seven hundred year history of the house, I uncover sudden unexplained deaths, stories of record-breaking gold discoveries and greedy mining captains. Weaving snippets of memoir with the untold histories of everyday souls, the book is about all the lives lived under one roof, about re-emerging from the throes of early motherhood and what it means to find a sense of belonging.

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